Hyde Park
Harbour Sails


Elevating the mundane to the iconic, the Sydney collection uses historic textile conventions to play with the city’s less postcard-worthy scenes, the ones which Sydneysiders know best.

In 'Harbour Sails', bats flying overhead on a summer's night have replaced the air travel motifs traditionally used in Constructivist textiles. Keeping with the playful nature of the collection, the harmless fruit bat has become a vampire bat, its wings combining with passing clouds to allude to the Opera House's sails.

In ‘Hyde Park’, the inner city's version of nature (grass, ibises, rats, cigarette butts, plastic bags and beer bottles) collide with the symmetry and idealised colours of Arts and Crafts era textiles.

In 'Broadway', industrial images of smoke stacks, dump trucks and cranes spilling contents are juxtaposed with the organic shapes used to depict them: sweeping, languorous lines and shapes borrowed from Art Nouveau's history.