Three project participants, wearing their collaborative design (names withheld).

Merrylands Community Project

Print design and art workshops in collaboration with young people from the refugee and new migrant community in Merrylands, in partnership with CMRC for The Social Outfit.

My role during this project was both facilitator and designer. Over six weeks, I worked with project participants to create a folio of artworks which explored abstract self portraiture and showcased new skills in painting, drawing, and paper weaving. At the end of these workshops, I collaged pieces from each participant’s artwork to create a collaborative repeat pattern design for clothing and accessories.

Following the success of this print, I created a second Autumn/Winter colourway, continuing the colourful and joyful aesthetic of the Spring/Summer debut.

Fashion photography by Levon Baird, styled by Peter Simon Phillips. Portrait by Harold David. Video by Versus.